Just Me. Just Strong.

This last year has been life-changing. I have a one-year old daughter (soon to be two), I’m working so hard to build my business, and on top of that I’m taking my health more serious than ever.

Throughout this last year I’ve discovered so many new things about myself and I am loving the woman I’m slowly transforming into.

My journey to a healthier lifestyle has been far from easy. My daily routine is insane…

Wake up at 6:45am, get myself ready, get my baby ready, leave by 7:45, drop her off, work all day, get off, pick her up, go home, feed her, give her a bath, workout, cook dinner (sometimes I cook dinner while I workout – this a new skill I’ve acquired), shower, work on my business, and HOPEFULLY I’m in bed by midnight…1am? I’m writing this at 2am so we’re already late. AND my daughter is awake 🙂

With all of that being said, it’s easy to “take a day off” because I’m “so tired.” I’ve managed to make working out and changing my life apart of my routine. Just as I have to eat and shower, I have to workout!

It has taken me a year of consistency to truly believe that working out is apart of my routine. A long journey but a journey worth walking. Seeing the change in my mind and body is so motivating. My daughter even loves watching me workout and on occasion, joins in on the fun.


I’m far from perfect and I truly hope no one gets the idea that I am. Do I still struggle? Yes, everyday! Do you know how long it’s been since I had a McChicken with cheese? I still look in the mirror and question my progress. I still get discouraged when things don’t fit how I imagine they would. The only difference from a year ago to now, is that in the past when I would get discouraged, I would backtrack. Today, when I’m not happy about something, I go harder!

It’s wild to me that people have started to look to me for fitness motivation. That is why it is so important to me to be transparent in this journey. This not something has happened overnight. This is something I have wanted, cried about, and fought for.

That’s why I’m so happy to be a Just Strong Ambassador! What does that mean? I get to wear the brand and encourage people like YOU to just be YOU.

I’m not a fitness guru or a nutritionist. I actually don’t hold any credentials in the fitness world. I’m just a regular mom, boss, who is trying to completely transform my life.

Just Strong Ambassador

Use code ‘TENGLISH10’ for a discount on https://juststrong.com/

Just Strong Ambassador

Use code ‘TENGLISH10’ for a discount on https://juststrong.com/

It doesn’t matter if you’re on day 1 or day 100 of your journey. What matters is that you stay true to you and push yourself to go harder every workout! I’m just me. And I’m just strong. And I’ve learned that, that is enough!

Need fitness motivation? Comment below!

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