Total Body with a Bosu Ball

Disclaimer: I am not a fitness professional. Just a regular degular momma trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

I’m still in awe that working out has become a lifestyle for me. I’ve been so happy with the way my body feels and even happier with the new found energy I have. It only pushes me to go harder each day.

I try to challenge myself to try new workouts as to not allow my body to get too used to one thing. I can admit that every time I hit a plateau I become very frustrated and instantly want to drown myself in a pan tossed, pepperoni and sausage pizza with extra sauce, light on the cheese, and a garlic blend crust……remember this is a no judge zone!

My philosophy is if I didn’t sweat, I didn’t work out! So every time I challenge myself to break a sweat. Some days, I’m feeling lazy but know it’s still important to get some work in. On those days, I turn to my Bosu Ball!

Here are three of my favorite Bosu Ball workouts for a total body experience.

Bosu Ball Workout

If you can’t tell, this position is all about abs. But surprisingly you get a nice leg workout, too. There are a few things you can try here:

Workout 1. Sit on the Bosu Ball, place your hands flat on each side of your body, extend your legs but don’t allow them to hit the ground, lift them up and down, try not to lean back too far. I usually do 3 sets of 10!

Workout 2. Same deal, except this time extend your legs and try “scissors”. Remember, don’t let your legs touch the ground! Repeat for 3 sets of 10.

The challenge here is not let any part of your body touch the ground. This includes your hands, leg, and feet.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 12.11.14 AM

Workout 3. Donkey kicks are a classic leg workout but adding the bosu ball brings on a new twist. Try doing 3 sets of 10 here and remember, the floor is lava!

Workout 4. Fire hydrants are another classic I do on the bosu ball. The trick is to hold your core tight so that you maintain your balance.

Workout 5. And the grand finale! Keep your balance while doing some squats!

Are you a bosu ball fan? Comment below and share some of your favorite workouts!

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