10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey

Disclaimer: I am not a certified fitness instructor or nutritionist. 

Today hits the one year mark of when I decided to take my health seriously. This time last year my baby girl was 6 months, I had gained a ton of weight, I was always tired and had minimal energy. So, on January 1 I purchased a treadmill and decided I was no longer going to “start tomorrow.” I decided to start NOW!

As of today I have lost 65 pounds! I have hit plateau’s, I have gained weight back and lost it again, I have not been perfect. I am still 20 pounds shy of my ultimate goal. However, I know that just as I was able to drop the weight and do my first 5k in a year (we’ll talk about this more in another post) then I can reach my goal and you can, too!

Here are 10 ways you can jumpstart your fitness journey today:

  1. Make the time to workout – We all think we’re soooo busy but trust me, we are not. How many of you watch a reality tv series EVERY week? How many times of day are you scrolling social media? Exactly. The time is there. It is up to you to take yourself seriously and map out the time to workout.
  2. Cook your own food – I personally HATE grocery shopping. Thanks to Kroger’s Clicklist, I order my groceries online and then go pick them up! You can also utilize services like Hello Fresh. They will actually send you food and the recipes to go along with it on a weekly basis. When you cook your own food you know exactly what is in it and you can truly monitor your calorie intake.
  3. Buy some cute workout clothes – I always feel better working out when it’s in a new pair of yoga pants, or a new super cute crop top. Your workout clothes don’t need to be expensive. 5 Below and Walmart both sell some reasonably priced workout gear.
  4. Get a comfortable pair of shoes – When I first started running I would get shin splits all the time. I realized it was because the shoes I was using were not meant for running indoors. Visit a shoe store and speak with a specialist about what kind of shoe will work for the type of workouts you plan to do. A new pair of shoes is not just a fashion statement, this is can seriously impact your workouts. Wearing the wrong type of shoe can cause serious injuries. This may end up being an investment for you, but it will be worth it.
  5. Don’t buy junk food or instant meals – One major rule I have for myself when I grocery shop is to not buy junk food (snack cakes, chips, ice cream, etc.). My friends hate me for this, but you will not find any snacks in my house. I do this because I know myself. When I’m having a bad day or when it’s my time of the month, I tend to binge eat. I truly believe my binge eating stems from other suppressed emotions, and this is something I have struggled with my entire life. To avoid this, I just don’t allow it in my home. That way if I truly am craving something, it forces me to find an alternative.
  6. Be leery of your “supporters” – Let’s be real, everybody doesn’t want to see you win. Your real supporters will not try to tempt you to move off course. If you have people around you that are constantly trying to tempt you with junk foods, or convince you to skip your workouts, they just gotta go! Maybe not forever, but the first few months of your fitness journey is a sensitive time. You cannot afford to go off course in the beginning, you need to set the tone for yourself. Once YOU feel you are in a good place and can handle the temptation, then you can allow them back into your world.
  7. Relax, don’t be so hard on yourself – I LOVE pizza. I will never give it up. This is a lifestyle change, not a diet. I’m not telling you to give up the foods you love, I’m just suggesting you tone it down. If you REALLY want ice-cream, then get yourself some ice-cream. Don’t be so hard on yourself!
  8. Find what type of workouts work for you – There are tons of workouts you can get into – yoga, cross fit, zumba, etc. It is important that you discover what works for you. If you’re doing a lot of running but hate it, more than likely you’ll stop working out. If you’re doing workouts you like, you will stick with it!
  9. Find a buddy, or not – If you’re the kind of person who needs a workout buddy, then find one! This person can be your workout partner and the two, or three, of you can keep each other on track. I enjoy working out alone. However, I do have a group of accountability partners and we share our failures, successes, and push each other to do more.
  10. Just do something! Your workouts don’t need to be perfect. Your shoes and workout gear don’t need to be name brand. You don’t need a gym membership! You just need to do SOMETHING. ANYTHING! If you have stairs in your house, run them, if you have a drive way, run up and down it, if you have kids, use them as barbells! You will not reach your goals if you keep talking about it without doing anything. Let’s get it ladies! I have 20 more pounds to lose, who’s going to be my accountability partner?

Do you have any other fitness tips? Comment and share with me! I’m still learning and would love to know!

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