Gardein: Great Taste and Good for the Environment

I really think I can pull this vegetarian thing off after discovering Gardein! And keep in mind this post is authentic and I am not getting paid to say this – however, I will not turn that check down, Gardein…

This brand started nearly 30 years ago in Canada where a chef merged the power of veggies to create quick and healthy foods that are completely meatless. There are millions of people in the world who want to be kind to animals and the planet, without sacrificing the taste and communion of great food. Gardein is the perfect solution for people who are vets at this vegetarian lifestyle and rookies like me.

I have multiple reasons why I want to become vegetarian and eventually vegan. Many of which are laid out in the below infographic from Gardein. Can you imagine how ONE day without could change your life? It sounds so small but definitely feasible, especially with these products.


This past week I’ve cooked some amazing meals myself with these products! Take a look below.


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