Tofu Cheesy Alfredo 

Before my trip to Puerto Rico, I was going strong on that vegetarian life! Since then I have fell off extremely and truly want to work towards being a vegetarian. It’s so hard to break these habits after 25 years. However, it is something that I know will be beneficial to my health long-term.

I’ve dabbled in tofu in the past but never actually cooked it myself. After doing some research, I’ve heard good things about Nasoya tofu and decided to give it a try.

To make the cheesy alfredo, I did everything the normal way:

  • Boil pasta until it’s soft – but not too soft. Should only take about 15 minutes tops
  • Add alfredo sauce of your choosing (I’m a Ragu kind of gal)
  • Add parmesan cheese to taste, then mozzarella cheese to taste
  • A pinch of parsley flakes and oregano

For the tofu, I had no clue how to make it! Probably should have did some research. Instead, I cut it up into cube pieces and cooked it just like chicken.

The texture reminds me of grilling cheese, the taste was fine because I seasoned it up. I would like to perfect my tofu cooking skills for the future. Paired with some broccoli, this meal was quick and tasty for me and my daughter who LOVED the tofu and broccoli!

Take a look at some of pics below. Are you a tofu cooking master? Drop your tofu recipes below! I am also interested in trying other types of tofu and brands.

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