Sexy Swimwear Swag

OMG! So I finally took my first vacation, saw the beach/ocean for the first time, AND it was out of the country…PUERTO RICO! I had the most amazing time and I have to visit PR at least every other year. 

I worked my ass off leading up to this trip. I did Advocare, then Herbalife, and in between my own combination of meal plans, “dieting”, and intense exercise. It all paid off and I left the states and hopped on that plane to PR having lost a whopping 65 pounds! 

We’ll get to the workout stuff later. For now, let’s talk about how bomb my swimsuits were for this trip! 

I got all of these from Fashion Nova – which I was nervous about shopping from at first. You never know when it comes to those instagram boutiques. 

I was a little worried how they would fit because none of them that I can recall were from their plus size selections. All of them are XL’s – my pants size is a 14 if that helps give you reference or what size to get. 

My favorite was definitely the beige and black with the stomach cut out! Would love to have this in multiple colors! Check them out and let me know what your fave is 😉

‘Night Swim Ritual – Nude’ **Warning** If you have bigger breasts like me I would not recommend this one, loads of nip slips this day!

‘Deeper Water – Kale’

‘Surfin Safari – Kale & Black’

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