You got exma!?

Unfortunately, yes. My baby girl has eczema. Since she’s so young there is not much doctors can do for relief. When she is old enough for steroids, I’m honestly not sure I will even allow it.

So like any mom would do, I’ve taken matters into my own hands.

I was happy to find that Aveeno Baby has a line specifically for babies with eczema. There are shampoos, washes, lotions – everything you could possibly need. 

We have tried the oatmeal bath packets – which makes baby girl smell and feel so good! The lotion and night balm are also amazing.

Shea Moisture makes an eczema soap that also works wonder. I also use it in her hair because her scalp has seen the wrath of dry skin.

I’m told she may grow of it but until then, we will keep going with our regime and pray it continues to give her relief. 

For your comic relief, click here.

Did any of your babies have eczema? Comment below and tell me what your regime was!

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