Cradle cap and other things no one tells you

People have some nerve to give you advice about how to parent, but no one tells you about the changes your little one with go through just in the first month.

One thing I’m currently dealing with is cradle cap. This is very common in babies and comes from excessive oil production in the scalp.

How I’m dealing with it?

During our daily snuggles I scratch her scalp – I imagine it itches since cradle cap looks very similar to dandruff – she seems to love it. I also put a little coconut in her hair in between baths.

Another thing no one preps you for: baby acne. Also, very common.

Before I knew how common it was I called Children’s Hospital multiple times just to be sure I wasn’t missing anything. A little baby vaseline and avoiding putting soap on her face has helped.

Lastly, milk neck. Or, it could also be a heat rash. Still not sure.

My little one is cute and chunky. Great for cuddles, not so great when she gets milk trapped in between the rolls on her neck. This is another area I’m careful about when it comes to soap. Also another reason I called Children’s multiple times.

I was told to keep it dry and put a little baby lotion on there and so far it has done the trick!

As I’m going into week 6, I would love to know what else I should be prepared for. Comment and let us know!


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