4 New Mom Rules I Thought I Would Never Budge On

I cannot believe my baby girl is already ONE MONTH! Time flies when you’re having fun 🙂

Like most moms, I created my parenting style as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I had clear ideas and set ground rules on what I would never budge on. I will admit that I am stubborn and once my mind is made up, there’s no changing it….or so I thought.

Rule #1 – Let her cry it out

I read all the reasons why letting your baby “cry it out” was the best method and have even been told this by other moms. They all said crying it out is a good thing. It helps her lung development. It’ll teach her how to console herself and be independent. Nah.

Hearing my baby cry literally hurts my heart. Like I can feel my aorta crumbling into a million pieces. I refuse to let her cry it out until she can talk and tell me what exactly her issue is.

Rule #2 – I will EBF

In the hospital I breastfed my baby and it was the coolest experience ever. Despite having one breast that had clogged milk ducts, I thought we would be able to successfully EBF.

Since I am so top heavy, I felt pumping and bottle feeding would be most comfortable for me and baby. But I did not anticipate how much I would have to pump. How can I pump every 2-3 hours when I am exhausted and sleep deprived? I now pump “when I can” and combine this with her normal feedings. So now baby girl gets the best of both worlds.

Rule #3 – Baby will sleep in her own room after week 1


My daughter has slept in her own room twice. Both times I was in there cleaning and organizing all her goodies. I’m too afraid to let her out of my sight just yet. She will sleep in this bassinet next to my bed until further notice.

Rule #4 – I will not hold my baby while she sleeps

Have you seen those chunky cheeks? I can’t help but hold and kiss on her while she’s napping away. They say kids grow up fast so why not get all my cuddles while I can!?

Side note: I’m holding her while I write this post. And she’s sleeping 🙂 

So far I’m learning to let go and just ride the wave wherever it leads – which isn’t like me at all. I’m a planner and an organizer. The best laid plans will go awry in the mom world. And I am perfectly fine with that.

What are some parenting rules you ditched along the way? Comment below!


2 thoughts on “4 New Mom Rules I Thought I Would Never Budge On

  1. I don’t have a baby but think I would break these all immediately! Also, I would spend a fortune on miniature versions of adult shoes even thought I would say I wouldn’t. Have you ever seen a baby in nikes? Adorable.


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