A journey to being free…

On this day, four years ago I decided I was going to go natural. It was a lifestyle I was seeing take off on social media, but I didn’t really know much about how to “be” natural.

Up until this moment I was made to believe that the natural state of my hair wasn’t good enough and that it needed to be manipulated. I had been getting relaxers for as long as I can remember. So a few thoughts were running through my head on this very day.
Will people say my hair is nappy? How will my employers feel about this? Can they fire me? How am I going to maintain my hair without a relaxer? Am I pretty enough to be natural?

All of these thoughts made me realize that I had to go natural. I had to be free. I was no longer going to be owned by the creamy crack or the beauty standards placed on me by the world.

From that moment forward, I never looked back. My natural journey had begun and is still in progress.

I learn something new everyday about my hair. The versatility that I have allows me to change my hair whenever I want and try different looks.

I would be lying if I said there are never days when I want to just chop it all off. But overall, I love my hair and am happy I embarked on this journey.

This year, for the second time in a row, I will be on the panel of the International Hair Meet-Up Day hosted by Columbus Naturalistas and I would love for you to be there.

To help with that, I want to give one Naturalista a V.I.P. ticket to this exciting event. All you have to do is share your natural hair story with me completing the following:

1. Share this blog post

2. Send your natural hair story and photos to afrosandredlips@gmail.com

The winner will be selected and announced on Wednesday at 11:59pm!

I look forward to hearing about how you embarked on your natural hair journey.

Here’s me in May 15, 2012 with my first attempt at wearing my natural hair!

Today, I’m rocking everything from the puff, head wraps, and protective styles.


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